Mardi Bras VA 2018

We are super excited to announce some new features to Mardi Bras VA.

Many of you have hosted your own party – so this year, we will be offering you a Party Kit that will guide you in throwing your own Mardi Bras party!  So, go ahead and set the date for the month of February 2018! More to come!

Top 10 Posts in the Last 5 Years!

The First Picture on My Blog

The First Picture on My Blog

Today is the 5 year anniversary of my very first blog post! It started as a lenten project. Many people had encouraged me to tell my story… of how I moved “Into The Neighborhood” and how I met the “other half of my pair”. So…this is how it started..with this post… why blog? and in the beginning, where I told the story over the Lenten season in the spring of 2010. If you want to read my story from the beginning, start there and work your way backwards.

Of if you want to jump around over the last 5 years, you have read about things like… How Louis and I metCamp Splash, Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween, my 50th Birthday, Community Cookouts, Living on Mission, and more!

Since then…it’s been hit or miss. I’ve been busy living life more than writing about it. It’s come in spits and sputters, as i write sporadically. I just want to say thanks for reading. And special thanks to those who share how my writing… my God-inspired true life stories… help shape your life.  Thanks a lot.

And lastly… just for the fun of it… here are the top 10 posts of all times, based on number of views since 2010. Check them out here…

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Latest News: Jen Hatmaker’s Visit to RVA

Bless Richmond 2013

Just a few shots from Sunday evening’s gathering Richmond’s 3rd Annual Bless Richmond gathering.  What a blessed evening of over 1800 people from countless churches all worshiping the Lord and praying for Metro RVA.  In addition, over 11 tons of food (and counting!!) were collected for Feedmore!

SAVE-THE-DATE 2014:  Go ahead and put November 23, 2014 on your calendar!  We will see you at the 4th Annual Bless Richmond!

Note: Terence Talley is a 17 year old photographer, senior at John Marshall High School and dear friend and neighbor. He does super work! Watch for more pictures coming from hime!

Bless Richmond 2013

Bless Richmond 2013

Program Outline


Worship Team (photo cred: Terence Talley)


1865 people in attendance (photo cred: Terence Talley)


(photo cred: Terence Talley)


Pastor prays for Councilwoman Mosby from 9th District – (photo cred: Terence Talley)


Passing it on to the Next Generation (photo cred: Terence Talley)

Hallo-BOO-ween 2013

Our annual front yard Halloween gathering! I think the pictures speak for themselves! We had a blast and had a record number of neighbors and friends – old and new, young and old – who came by! It got so busy we couldn’t keep up with picture-taking and candy-giving.

What a great evening for chillin’ on the front porch with the ones you love! I wouldn’t trade this night for anything.

HELP!!! I’m in need of math tutoring help!

I am so ill prepared for tutoring! This afternoon I took a few minutes between housework stuff to run some neighborhood youngsters through flash cards. Any parents, homeschoolers or teachers out there have any tips for teaching little ones to add and subtract and older ones to multiply???  Seriously. I need help here. Anyone???

Memorial Day Festivities

Louis and I love our annual Memorial Day Festivities!!!  This shin-dig started years ago and has grown significantly since. We hung out with a lot of friends and neighbors..remembering and honoring the day. Louis and I provide the grilled chicken, drinks and birthday cake (because my birthday always falls around Memorial Day!)…and everyone else provided the rest….fruit, sides, veggies, salads, fried fish, corn cake, curried chicken, you name it!  What a blessing!

Go ahead…mark your calendar for next year….Monday, May 26, 2014….4pm-8pm.  I dare you!  

Quick side note… My birthday won’t actually fall on Memorial Day until 2021…when I will turn 58. WOW! Now THAT is scary!

Curious to know…for those of you who came,

what was YOUR favorite part of the gathering and why?

Mine? I love connecting my friends to one another over a good plate of food, where everyone had a part in contributing to the meal.