Brookland Theatre – Back in the Spotlight, again!

I have lived in the Northside, specifically Southern Barton Heights, for going on 8 years.  Many people over the decades and recent months and years have prayed and believed that the Brookland Park Boulevard corridor can be revitalized.  There have been several attempts to do so.  We (and by we…I mean the community!) are back at it again…fully believing the time is now.  Now, it’s time to gather the larger Northside community and then, listen to the answers to questions like…What do we want from this theatre and corridor? What will they support and build?  What else would they like to see along Brookland Park Boulevard.

Hope you can come to the first of 3 community forums facilitated by the Storefront for Community Design.  We want to hear all the voices – old and young, long-time residents and new residents, etc.  All are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you…and bring a neighbor!

Tuesday, November 27th


Northminster Church
Contemporary Worship Center
3121 Moss Side Ave, RVA 23222

Remember to RSVP to or 804.649.4935.



On Wednesday night, we had a wonderful time at the CCDA Cafe where over 90 people from all over the city (plus Annapolis, MD and Tidewater) heard from Dave Clark…and from one another.  After a time of fellowship, Dave talked with us about the CCDA philosophy, consisting of…

8 Key Components:

  • Empowerment
  • Relocation: Living Among the People
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Reconciliation: Bridging the Racial Divide
  • Wholistic Ministry
  • Redistribution: Working Towards a Just Distribution of Resources
  • Listening to the Community
  • Church-Based Community Development
Upcoming Training:
We plan to bring speakers back to discuss these in greater detail.  After taking a quick survey, the top 3 choices turned out to be:
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Reconciliation:  Bridging the Racial Divide
  • Listening to the Community
Follow-up Opportunities:
  • If you would like to become a member, see this link….Membership.
  • If you missed the gathering and would like to receive the materials or a copy of the CD, please contact me and we will make arrangements to get them to you.
  • If you are interested in helping us plan, communicate and organize these trainings or other networking opportunities, please contact me as well.  Thanks!
Special shout-out to East End Fellowship and Making a Melody for co-hosting with Miss Marti’s House.  And huge thanks to Northminster Church for allowing us to use their space!