the other 1/2

the other 1/2 of my pair

Louis is the other 1/2 of my pair, the love of my life, my partner in ministry, a follower of Jesus Christ, a killer grill master, a loyal friend to many, the enemy to none.  He’s the most patient, kind, and loving man, who loves all things Apple…as in the computer company…not the fruit, although he’s a huge fan of the Pink Lady!

A lover of water and warm weather, he could live at the beach or on a sailboat if I wasn’t allergic to the sun and burned just by looking up at it!  The picture was taken on a friend’s boat down at Urbanna, VA.

I met Louis through an answer to prayer after a friend shared Luke 10:1-7 with me.  I stopped praying for a husband…and started praying for the other half of my pair.  For more on that story….start reading at the post The Chair located at the bottom of this link…then read backwards.  You will get the full story.  About a year later, we were married.

Thanks for loving me unconditionally even when I act crazy and do crazy things!  You’re ‘the best husband in the whole wide world…for me’!  ’cause God picked you out…special…just for me!

Love you, my pumkin.  XOXO  your Sunshine