Prayer Requests: (Names are often not included to protect confidentiality.)

  • Pray for all the families and friends of those involved in the recent shootings.
  • Richmond small business owners and others will rise up by creating jobs and give those who are under-employed and those with a record a chance at a job and job training that will produce a livable wage.
  • Transportation issues in our city – that buses will start to run into the counties where the jobs are.
  • Family Fragmentation will be in the past, not the present or the future.
  • SBH kids, schools and teachers…
  • A couple of special opportunities that could bless SBH.
  • The need for Economic Development at the intersection of North and Overbrook and also along the Brookland Park Boulevard.
  • For our community churches…that they will begin to work together to reach out to and strengthen the community as spiritual mentors and meeting practical needs.
  • For a move of the Holy Spirit to raise community spiritual leaders who want to invest in building and strengthening the community.
  • Louis and me as we seek God’s will and purpose in this time of uncertainty.  One thing we can be certain of….God is in control!
  • A number of neighbors are struggling with their landlords who won’t make necessary repairs to their homes.
  • SBH is one of the highest, if not THE highest, areas for foreclosure in the City of Richmond.  Sub-prime mortgages, high city taxes and economic downturn has made it difficult for people.  Pray for creative solutions for homeowners to keep their homes.
  • The list could go on-and-on!