About Us

in 08.05, i moved into Southern Barton Heights in Richmond, VA, USA. in 12.07, i met the other 1/2 of my pair.  in 12.08, we said “I DO!”.  our home is fondly referred to as Miss Marti’s House.  This is the story of how we…

love GOD


love others

“The Word became flesh….and moved into the neighborhood.

John 1:14 MSG  Holy Bible

2 Comments on “About Us”

  1. Shonda says:

    My son Anthony, and now Martis and Louis’s son also, was the fist kid I believe Marti met in the community. Of course Tony was like hey! He says hey to everybody!

    The rest is history!

  2. You are right….Tony was among the first kids I met! Story to come in a later post….I am sure!!! Love you guys! So glad we are family!!! btw – it was “howdy neighbor!” he wanted to know if i had any kids that could come out and play!!! Love me some Tony!!!!