We praise God for how He moves in, around and through us in Southern Barton Heights!  We have so much to be thankful for!

Revised 6.7.2013  Needless to say that lots has changed since I updated nearly 2 years ago. I’m not really good at keeping this up-to-date.

  • Louis was called to another interim position at a church in Hanover, which also has ended since.  We are thankful for the wonderful opportunity to serve there for a little less than a year! What a wonderful group of people!
  • Louis and I have recently survived 1 emergency gall bladder removal (Marti) and 2 total knee replacements (in March and 2 days ago). God has been a faithful healer!
  • Our Missional Community folks are so heavily involved in the community and have split into other community groups throughout the Northside! It’s so exciting to see God’s hand throughout the community.
  • We are partnering with Hope Church for backyard VBS called Camp Splash in 2012 and planning one for 2013, too! God is moving among our neighborhood children!
  • We are partnering with a local church and the Pregnancy Resource Center to rollout Jobs for Life for the moms and dads! This is an exciting time for all involved.
  • We are also partnering with the Richmond Christian Leadership Institute (RCLI) to explore creating and implementing a program for clergy throughout the Metro Richmond area.
  • We continue to encourage, disciple and mentor others in living missionally and incarnationally.  It’s exciting to see the Gospel proclaimed in word and deed throughout our city.


revised 7.21.2011  (I’m not very good at updating!!!)

  • Just received my very first grant for Miss Marti’s House!!!  Although it is small, it’s a start!!! Looking at several opportunities to bless SBH.
    • 7.21.2011    In addition, we have been blessed with a sizable gift that we are so thankful for!
  • PRAYER ANSWERED 6/21 (click for story!!!) when we received a dell laptop from a wonderful family!!!
    • 7.21.2011   We received a new-to-us Macbook that the kids can use for homework!!!  WOO HOO!!
  • Louis went part-time (20 hrs/week) at his church in Petersburg!  We are so thankful that I am still working, although in a temporary assignment.  Our God provides!  Louis will have more freedom and time to serve the Lord in new and different ways!
    • 7.21.2011   Louis’s church has since sold their church building…and now will close the church in the next few months.  More to come!!!
  • Praising God for friends who support and love us and what we are doing!  We really appreciate each of you who are reading and providing valued feedback!
  • We are grateful for the many divine appointments.  We don’t know where they are all leading, but it is going to be SOMETHING awesome!
  • The police responded promptly to the shooting that occurred on Friday 5/28 at 4:30pm.  Although there were lots of kids playing in the area, no additional harm was done.
  • The community is tightening and becoming less tolerant of the nonsense that is occurring.
  • Our MC member who was laid off got a job!!!  YAY!  Although a temporary position, God has met her needs.  We pray for our daily bread…and sometimes…that’s all that is provided.  She still searches for a full-time gig!!!  As of 8.15 – she has been offered a FT gig!  Just waiting on the results of the drug test and background check, of which there will be NO problems!!! YAY God!!!  And she continues to work full-time, supporting her daughter as a single mom.

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  1. Mom Michalec says:

    Addition or Multiplication? Don’t know. 1×1=1 1+1=2

    Just be ready for what HE has, because it will be AWESOME!