Wanna Help?

There are few ways that you can help us serve Southern Barton Heights.

First – Pray! Pray! Pray!  While my job ended 12.31.2010 and Louis’s interim call ended Spring of 2013, we are discerning our next steps.  While I would like a part-time job that will allow me the flexibility to continue to serve the community, yet bring some income to our home, I’m not sure that will be possible at this time.  Click here for a Prayer List for the community.

Second – Come and join us in the work!!  There will be many opportunities where you can help. Mainly in building relationships at this time.  I’d suggest you read Toxic Charity by Bob Lupton or  When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert. Click here for a list of Opportunities to help!  Opportunities List

Third – Where this has been our way of life for the last few years together, we are moving into some more formal initiatives like job skills training, city-wide community development initiatives and training, consulting with other individuals and churches on how they can love their neighbor, etc. Check out our parent organization,  Into The Neighborhood.  If you want to hear more about we do in Southern Barton Heights, please contact us.

Lastly – Check back often or follow us, so that you will know what is going on.

Thanks for giving and praying!

Miss Marti