On Wednesday night, we had a wonderful time at the CCDA Cafe where over 90 people from all over the city (plus Annapolis, MD and Tidewater) heard from Dave Clark…and from one another.  After a time of fellowship, Dave talked with us about the CCDA philosophy, consisting of…

8 Key Components:

  • Empowerment
  • Relocation: Living Among the People
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Reconciliation: Bridging the Racial Divide
  • Wholistic Ministry
  • Redistribution: Working Towards a Just Distribution of Resources
  • Listening to the Community
  • Church-Based Community Development
Upcoming Training:
We plan to bring speakers back to discuss these in greater detail.  After taking a quick survey, the top 3 choices turned out to be:
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Reconciliation:  Bridging the Racial Divide
  • Listening to the Community
Follow-up Opportunities:
  • If you would like to become a member, see this link….Membership.
  • If you missed the gathering and would like to receive the materials or a copy of the CD, please contact me and we will make arrangements to get them to you.
  • If you are interested in helping us plan, communicate and organize these trainings or other networking opportunities, please contact me as well.  Thanks!
Special shout-out to East End Fellowship and Making a Melody for co-hosting with Miss Marti’s House.  And huge thanks to Northminster Church for allowing us to use their space!

The Wigwam – Part 2

In June 8th’s post The Wigwam, I shared some new information on our property.  You may want to read that post to bring you up-to-date.  I’m was thrilled later in the day when I heard from my friend Tim Holtz that Barton Heights Baptist Church was now known as Northminster Baptist Church.  I had discerned that during some of my online research, but it was confirmed by Tim!  Later, Tim brought me a copy of a book, A People Called Northminster which is the history of Barton Heights and Northminster Churches from 1891-1978, written by Frederick Jarrad Anderson in 1979.

Thanks for the encouraging emails, calls, and overall response!  I really appreciate it!  Here are responses to some of the questions that have been raised…

  • Where are Barton Heights Methodist and Baptist churches now?
    • As previously stated, the Baptist Church is now Northminster Baptist Church.
    • I don’t know where Barton Heights Methodist Church is today…but would LOVE to know!!!!
  • What did the Wigwam look like?
    • A picture was included in both books I received.

  • How long was The Wigwam around?
    • Based on what I have determined, the Wigwam was still standing as of 1978 when A People Called Northminster was written.  Just today I was working at my desk and looked out the window where my birdfeeders are; and a car stopped on the side of the road. A gentleman got out and was looking down in the gutter/curb.  I thot that maybe there was maybe a hurt dog or cat.  As I raised the window to ask if everything was OK, he shared with me that he grew up at 2101 Barton Ave and he was giving his mom a tour of their old neighborhood.
    • This family had lived IN the Wigwam!!!!  Yes…IN the Wigwam.  I had to quickly get out of my house and run outside to meet them.  The Scott Family had much to share with my about what it was like back in the day….before the Wigwam burned down.  Tom Scott showed me where his sister, Carol had carved her name in the curb on 10.23.1962.  Yes…it was still there!
    • They added the 2nd floor to the Wigwam and the round area was their living room. At some point after the Scott’s moved, the Wigwam was destroyed in a fire.  The Scotts and I exchanged phone numbers and emails…and just can’t wait to hear more! God sooo blessed me with this visit today.
  • What did Barton Heights look like back then?
    • Here’s a picture of the viaduct for the street car, where the 1st Street Bridge is now.  Downtown is to the left, SBH to the right.

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