On Wednesday night, we had a wonderful time at the CCDA Cafe where over 90 people from all over the city (plus Annapolis, MD and Tidewater) heard from Dave Clark…and from one another.  After a time of fellowship, Dave talked with us about the CCDA philosophy, consisting of…

8 Key Components:

  • Empowerment
  • Relocation: Living Among the People
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Reconciliation: Bridging the Racial Divide
  • Wholistic Ministry
  • Redistribution: Working Towards a Just Distribution of Resources
  • Listening to the Community
  • Church-Based Community Development
Upcoming Training:
We plan to bring speakers back to discuss these in greater detail.  After taking a quick survey, the top 3 choices turned out to be:
  • Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Reconciliation:  Bridging the Racial Divide
  • Listening to the Community
Follow-up Opportunities:
  • If you would like to become a member, see this link….Membership.
  • If you missed the gathering and would like to receive the materials or a copy of the CD, please contact me and we will make arrangements to get them to you.
  • If you are interested in helping us plan, communicate and organize these trainings or other networking opportunities, please contact me as well.  Thanks!
Special shout-out to East End Fellowship and Making a Melody for co-hosting with Miss Marti’s House.  And huge thanks to Northminster Church for allowing us to use their space!

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