Latest News: Jen Hatmaker’s Visit to RVA

Into The Neighborhood

Hello, everyone! We are super excited that this day has come!  Jen Hatmaker turns 40, and her family’s show premieres tonight on HGTV at 11pm tonight! Where will you watch it? Louis and I are gathering at a friend’s house to watch it!

Happy 40th Birthday, Jen!

Jen and I have been chatting about the upcoming event….JUST 8 DAYS AWAY…and she’s excited and feeling ‘as fresh as a daisy’.  Yes, friends, she’s as delightful as we would all thought she would be!

A couple of updates for you…

  • The team has been busy working on all the pesky details…making sure we have everything covered. So, if you are registered, keep a look out for additional information and details next week. The team is thrilled with all the goodness we have to offer you next week. We are so grateful for St. Giles for hosting us! What a warm and hospitable group…

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