Memorial Day Festivities

Louis and I love our annual Memorial Day Festivities!!!  This shin-dig started years ago and has grown significantly since. We hung out with a lot of friends and neighbors..remembering and honoring the day. Louis and I provide the grilled chicken, drinks and birthday cake (because my birthday always falls around Memorial Day!)…and everyone else provided the rest….fruit, sides, veggies, salads, fried fish, corn cake, curried chicken, you name it!  What a blessing!

Go ahead…mark your calendar for next year….Monday, May 26, 2014….4pm-8pm.  I dare you!  

Quick side note… My birthday won’t actually fall on Memorial Day until 2021…when I will turn 58. WOW! Now THAT is scary!

Curious to know…for those of you who came,

what was YOUR favorite part of the gathering and why?

Mine? I love connecting my friends to one another over a good plate of food, where everyone had a part in contributing to the meal.

2 Comments on “Memorial Day Festivities”

  1. Di-Ana Talley says:

    the cookout was awsome, gud thing i came like i said i would lol. Mrs. Marti is always doin something for the commuity around to have people get to know eachother and that is why i respect her and lois sooo much because it doesnt matter what race, size, or age u are, she will think of u as her own. we all love Mrs. Marti!!!