HELP!!! I’m in need of math tutoring help!

I am so ill prepared for tutoring! This afternoon I took a few minutes between housework stuff to run some neighborhood youngsters through flash cards. Any parents, homeschoolers or teachers out there have any tips for teaching little ones to add and subtract and older ones to multiply???  Seriously. I need help here. Anyone???

Victory Reading Program

Check out the new STEP video. STEP is a ministry that I work with that serves Gilpen Court in downtown Richmond, VA. We recently celebrated the end of another year of the Victory Reading Program. We are so proud of the children and thankful for the parent participants and the volunteers. Check out what parents had to say.

We are looking for funding and volunteers to support our summer programs and would greatly appreciate your help!  See below for more information.

Thanks sooo much for watching, listening, reading and considering!

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