Get Well Soon, Grandma Louise!

Louis’s mom, Louise, lives in Charlotte.  He and his sister have been taking great care of her during and following a recent knee replacement.  Some of the kids learned about it…and wanted to make her a Get Well card.  So…here they are! When Louise comes to visit, the kids like to call her “Grandma” which makes her day…and mine!  Because, we are like one big family!  Her only 2 grandsons are so grown and live on the other side of the country, which makes her miss them desperately.

Yesterday, the boys also decided that they need to have some chores around the house…so they have selected their assignments…

  • Bishop – He will feed and water the birds!
  • Larry – He’s going to water my plants in the backyard!
  • Deshawn – He will care for the plants on the front porch!

They are really great kids…and so polite and wise beyond their years.  It has not taken them long to realize that some of the nonsense that is told to them by some neighbors is just that…NONSENSE!  I’m so proud of them and thrilled they are part of my life.

One Comment on “Get Well Soon, Grandma Louise!”

  1. Mom Michalec says:

    Thanks, Guys. I know Grandma will enjoy these cards. You did a GREAT job on them.

    Also, thank you for taking on the chores at Miss Marti’s house. This will be helpful to her and will also help you learn to accept responsibililty.

    Marti’s Mom