VBS Arts Camp @ ComChap

Larry Reads About Creation in the Bible

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The 2010 VBS Arts Camp “You’ve Got Talent!” at Commonwealth Chapel is taking place this week.  We are so excited that a group of 8 from SBH is attending!  Michelle and Keri are selflessly taking their time to drive them in the church van!!

The kids are coming home with a new interest in reading the Bible and hearing about the Lord.  This morning, Larry took the initiative to run home and grab not just 1 Bible…but 2 Bibles to take with him today.  He also wanted to read to me about the Creation.  Many questions are being asked about different Bible stories.  I could not be more thrilled.

So..now…what’s next?  We are praying about ways that we can continue to spiritually feed the kids and teach them more about the love of Jesus.

On Tuesday night, we had a special time of prayer at our regular Tuesday Night Prayer service.  During this time, the kids helped to lead worship, Brian worked sound and ComChap’s own Savannah gave us a moving devotion!  In addition, the kids took time to pray for the needs of the adults on an individual basis.  I was proud that some of Miss Marti’s Kids volunteered to pray!!  Then, we as the adults took time to pray for the children!  What a blessed night!

On a daily basis, the kids are singing and dancing, participating in dramas and puppet shows.  In addition, they are drawing, painting and having time with other arts. Please join me in praying that the words the kids sing, read, act and hear will get deep into their hearts and be life changing!

You can see the great time they are having in the pictures below….

4 Comments on “VBS Arts Camp @ ComChap”

  1. Mom Michalec says:

    Praise God!
    Thank God for volunteers who will give of their time, love for God and children (Boat) to share God’s love with these children. May the seed that is being sown, sprout, grow, and produce additional seed to those around them.

  2. Mom Michalec says:

    Larry and those from SBH, continue to read the Bible and pray. You can be missionaries to others who don’t know Jesus.

  3. Rikki says:

    So excited to see all of these smiling faces and many more tomorrow! Thanks for all you do and thank God for all he does through you:)