Candy, Bunny and Eggs…Oh My!

easter egg hunt 2013

photo cred: Rachel Loughlin

What a FUN morning in Southern Barton Heights! After we postponed the Easter Party due to the early spring snowstorm last Sunday, today was a beautiful day for a community Easter Egg Hunt!!!  I am so grateful to our friends and families who donated candy and prizes!  And to our friends who helped stuff a gazillion eggs with candy and other goodies, who ensured that the Easter Bunny arrived safe and sound :), who took pictures and “laid” eggs!

After playing a game and the Easter Egg Hunt, Louis told the story of the last few days of Jesus’s life (from Palm Sunday through the Empty Tomb) through the use of Resurrection Eggs.  The kids were super attentive and helped Louis tell the story.

All of this was followed by yummy cupcakes and lemonade!   Louis and I so enjoyed meeting our neighbors and seeing old friends!  What a blast!!

It’s not just fun and games at this time of year, because it’s not about the bunny!  Yesterday we remembered the Cross.  Tomorrow, we remember the Empty Tomb. Today and for days to come, we live knowing that because of the Cross and the Empty Tomb, we are reconciled to our Maker after sin separated us. That’s the story! That’s worth remembering!

PS – Hope kids…we missed you and can’t wait for you to come hang out again!

(remaining photo creds: Miranda Pheifer)

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