Meet Bishop…the 2nd Guest Blogger

Bishop was one of the first kids I met when I moved to Southern Barton Heights nearly 5 years ago!  At 11 years old, he is the youngest of his 4 brothers who are living at home. Bishop is a rising 6th grader, who will attend Henderson Middle School in the Fall 2010.

Silliness!!! Bishop, Deshawn and Larry - The 3 Amigos

This is what he has to say….

Where I live

Where I live is not a bad place. I  myself think it is a wonderful place for all people. You see that there are kids smiling and showing the most respect to everyone. Lots of people think that where I live is a bad place. Maybe should tell the truth that are a little bad things that happen but is not very harmful.

People I know

There are many people I  know. I am only going to keep topic on my best friends . Their names are Deshawn and Larry.  I know that you already know Larry but I will tell Deshawn is a boy of many talents. He is a great racer, very smart, and is very active about things.

About me

I myself is a a boy of many talents. I am good at racing, very smart and love playing outside.I like going to the pool and my uncle house. I think that it is good to keep where you live clean, but I am not going to be the one doing it( laugh). Last I have a great thing of humor.

Deshawn, Larry and Bishop