A True Confession


“…for I know you well, and you are special to me. I know you by name.” Exodus 33:17


Wow!  I think about branding and marketing.  How we all know the swoosh of Nike and the golden arches of McDonald’s, right?  And if you hear the term Shaq, Tiger, Cher, Madonna – there’s no second guessing who they are.  Now…I hesitate to write this…because I nowhere near compare to the people of this popularity or status.  No way!  But, it is humbling when people don’t know you or your story….say….”OH…so YOU’RE Miss Marti!?!?!”  Who knew??  It’s happened a few times lately.  Most recent was a teacher who is new to JM (John Marshall High School).  I met her recently at a dinner party in the community.  She shared  how one of her students told her at the beginning of the school year that she used a phrase was like something “Miss Marti” would have used.  Again…who knew?

I tell this not to brag or point toward myself.  I share this because it is humbling and scary….to know that what I am doing really makes an impact.  What I say…how I react….how I act IS in fact being noticed…..whether it is good or bad.  OUCH!  I need to step up my game….for real.  I confess that I lack in areas of patience, tolerance, and sometime grace and mercy.  Thankfully, Louis makes up where I lack…in spades!

So…I need to step up my game….for the sake of my witness…AND because God knows me better than anyone.  He knows not only my name, but my heart.  And that can be much worse than the outside!

God forgive me…and thanks for sending me Louis and using him to teach me patience, tolerance, grace and mercy.  He models it better than most!  Amen.