Yes…we are THAT couple…THAT neighbor! I admit it. Yes, we have Christmas decorations up with our Halloween pumpkins and fall garden flag and mums before Thanksgiving. Pure craziness, I know. Totally unacceptable. Oh well. So, for the next week or 2, I’m calling it ‘Hallogivingmas’.



I usually can’t stand to see Christmas decorations out before Halloween and Thanksgiving. But, this year…it’s what’s happening. If I don’t manage to get Christmas decorations up before Tuesday of next week, it’s just not gonna happen. Normally, I like to get decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  But, this year, it comes really late….and travel and other commitments will keep me too busy to get it done afterwards. So, I said… Why not???  Next, I start the inside. And Saturday, the neighborhood kids are helping me with the tree. Yay!

Anyone want our pumpkins to make something yummy? That’s not happening, either.  I have one big one and 2 little ones.

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  1. Alvinia Michalec says:

    Charles told me Saturday that a house up the street had decorated with a couple of the blow-up characters

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