SOOO Excited!

Today is a big, big day in the Williams household!

1 – I got a visit from the ladies at the Nonprofit Learning Point (NLP)! They personally delivered my Certificate of Achievement and balloons!  NLP’s Certificate of Achievement in Nonprofit Management is achieved by completing over 120 hours of coursework through 12+ two-day classes and homework assignments. For more information on the Certificate of Achievement, check out their website>>> Nonprofit Learning Point!

Our neighborhood kids and friends have been so patient and encouraging of this commitment. And… LouDawg has been a HUGE supporter!


photo cred: neighborhood teen – Bishop Bryant

Even Everett came by for the festivities!


photo cred: neighborhood teen – Bishop Bryant

2 – This certification has been completed just in time! Louis and I (along with 3 other founding board members) have officially established our nonprofit ministry – Into the Neighborhood, Inc.! (Be sure to check us out online and on FB!) We are registered with the State Corporation Commission and received our letter today stating that we have completed all the necessary steps to be in compliance with the registration requirements under section 57-49 of the Virginia Solicitation of Contributions Law!

We are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. IRS Pub 557 indicates that the effective date of our exemption will be retroactive to our date of incorporation which is September 5, 2013.  

All of this legal stuff basically means, we can officially solicit donations!  More to come!

Louis and I are celebrating by heading over to Croaker’s Spot for dinner before going to praise God with friends at a Gungor concert!

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  1. Alvinia Michalec says:


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  2. says:

    This is awesome, Congratulations, Marti!

    Have a blessed day! Gray

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  3. Louis Williams says:

    I am so proud of you. You worked hard and earned it – Straight As.


  4. Evette says:

    Awesome Marti. Many, many blessings on your work in the neighborhood. May God’s grace, favor and wisdom direct all you do for the Lord and the community.