Boo! SBH Style


What do you do for Halloween? Louis and I usually throw a party in the front yard from about 5-8pm, and we are hoping to do the same thing this Wednesday.  After being cooped up with Sandy blowing through (literally), it will be good to be outside, hanging with the neighbors, kids and friends.  If you aren’t busy, come on by!  We will be here!  Only have a few more things to do now that I think the weather is going to work with us!  It’s gonna be a blast!


_x_  cornhole game

__   apple cider

_x_ cups

__   halloween cupcakes – Sam’s club

_x_ candy

_x_  napkins

_x_ prizes

__  make and handout invites

__  make and post front yard sign

__  Sam’s Club trip

For pictures of last year’s party check out this link:  Halloween 2011.