“Running to the Scene of the Crime”

I am honored that Austin Stone Community Church, located in Austin, Texas chose to tell my God-story.  Louis and I were at the Verge Conference this past Spring, and they had an opportunity to tell your story.  I had no intentions of telling mine, until April Salvant – friend and missionary to Haiti – made me do it by signing me up!  I was actually the very last person they interviewed!  And….then to hear that my story was one of the first to be released was a huge surprise!  Praise God for the work He has done, is doing and will continue to do in my heart and mind, and in the community and city that I love!  I am honored to be His servant and remain vigilant and steadfast in my attempts to be obedient.  To check it out…click the picture below.  It should take you there!  In addition….you can hear April’s story as well….about how God took them on quite an adventure…leading them to now live in Haiti, working with New Hope Haiti Mission.  Check it out here > April’s God Story

Thanks to all our friends and our churches who continue to pray for and love us!  I know we have been absent from the blogosphere for a while, but will write soon on our adventures!  Peace.  To God be the glory!