This is OUR City!

Last night we had the great pleasure of attending the “This Is Our City” launch at Northminster Church in the Northside of Richmond, VA.  Hosted by Andy Crouch and the team behind the project, the event had about 3o0+ local people in attendance.  Richmond is the 2nd city of 6 to be revealed in Christianity Today magazine covering “Christians contributing to the flourishing” of their city.  Special guests included some of my friends and co-laborers Erik Bonkovsky, Brian Gullins, Corey Widmer, Amy Popovich and Danny Avula.  Alex Mejias, David Bailey and others provided an awesome multi-cultural musical performance as well.  You couldn’t help but feel energized and enthusiastic when you left.

These stories are just the beginning.  The featured stories are those who in recent years have benefited our city.  However, I also know that there are many more out there!  Especially stories of the people who have been living in and serving our city for DECADES! There are many who have gone before us who have been living and toiling in our city going virtually unnoticed and unrecognized.  They haven’t been brought on a stage to talk about their work, but they are people who make a HUGE difference in the daily lives of the community.  Some refer to them as ‘remainers’.  Others call them ‘historical neighbors’.  They are agents of God whose presence was here long before I (or any of my friends) moved into the city.  I challenge us to find them…celebrate them…encourage them…thank them….talk about them.  If you know someone who has been living in, loving and serving our city in the name of Jesus for a long time, let’s get busy.

There are 3 different ways we can get their story told…

1 – Reply in the comment section below.  I will get the information to the team.
2 – Submit your story at this link…  This is Our City Stories 
3 – Email the story to

I praise God for the opportunity to serve Him in my neighborhood and my beloved city, Richmond.  May God and only God be glorified in all that we do!   Enjoy some pictures from last night’s festive gathering.