Trying Something New

For those who follow Miss Marti’s House, I am making some changes.  It’s a bit of an experiment.

Miss Marti’s House tells our story.  It’s about our life in Southern Barton Heights in Richmond, Virginia.  For more on our personal story, you can always check out Miss Marti’s House.

But, I’m starting something new ~ a new resource called …into the neighborhood.  It is about living missionally, incarnationally, on mission.  Whatever you want to call it.  It’s how we do it.  How others do it.  And how you can do it.  I get the question a lot and have been asked to mentor/coach others and to speak at conferences, to missions groups and to churches.  This will be a dialogue on the gift of hospitality and loving your neighbor. I am not an expert in the topic and am still learning.  So, I am exploring what it means to love your neighbor as yourself….and in the process hope to help us think about practical and creative ways we can get to know our neighbors, our communities, those around us…and love them, because He first loved us.

So…check it out.  Maybe even subscribe.  Hope to see and hear from you over there, too.


One Comment on “Trying Something New”

  1. pat says:

    blessings to you, marti! pat and pete