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I am helping one of my kids…Miss Marti’s Kids…De’ Andre Mitchell, AKA Dude for those of you who know him.  He’s 16 years old and is active on the John Marshall Football team.  He really wants to go to a football camp scheduled for mid-April (yeah…he waited a bit late to start working for his money!) in Charlotte, NC.  He has a partial scholarship, but needs to raise the about another $500 to cover the rest of the camp and travel expenses (one of the biggest expenses).

Dude, his mom and I decided that it would be best for him to earn his money versus taking donations.  So, if you have any jobs that need to be done….please give him a call.  He’s a really good and trustworthy kid and a hard worker.  But…he is a teenager and will need some guidance.  In addition, he will also need a ride if it’s not on the bus route.

If you don’t have odd jobs to do, but would like to sponsor him in another way…there is another opportunity.  Dude has committed to completing an online financial course on  I will monitor his progress and test his learning.  This is a great chance for him to learn the life skills needed to manage and budget his money. If you are interested in helping in this way, shoot me an email at missmartishouse[at]me[dot]com.  I will tell you how you can assist!

Thanks for reading and considering!

Keep reading for a letter that he has written to you….

De'Andre aka Dude 4.1.2010

April 1, 2010

My name is De’ Andre Mitchell, I’m a 16 years old student athlete at John Marshall High. I play football for John Marshall since 2008. I’m a hard worker and team player on and off the field, and class’s group projects. Also, I’m a good person to hang out with in school and out school. I’ll make you laugh when you around me I’ll make you feel good around me.

I would like to attend this camp called Football University, to help me at the running back position to help my football teammates and coaches that they can trust me in the backfield. Because I use to play QB for John Marshall last year but I wasn’t that good at the QB position not in games but also in practice. I would like to do it because I’m a football player that would like to gain my yards by running the ball in the backfield.

I will do anything to raise the money for me to attend Football University Camp. I’ll cut the grass, help moving things from a place to another, help you build something, anything that you would like me to do, because I’ll really like to attend this camp to help my teammate and myself.

I’m willing to work next week 5-8 and plus the weekend. I need to have the money by April the 16th. You can reach me on my cell 804-909-2608.

I look forward to working with you.


De’ Andre Mitchell

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