The End of Lent? To post DAILY or not to post?

As most of you know, I started this blog in obedience to the Lord for Lent 2010.  Although there are different durations of Lent, depending on…on…well a lot of things.  This is what has to say on the topic of Lent…


Most followers of Western Catholicism observe Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday (midday, 40 days to Palm Sunday) and concluding at the Ninth Hour of Holy Thursday (44 days in the Catholic Church) or on Holy Saturday (46 days).[2][3]

One notable exception is the Archdiocese of Milan which follows the Ambrosian Rite and observes Lent starting exactly 6 weeks before Easter. The six Sundays in Lent are not counted among the forty days because each Sunday represents a “mini-Easter,” a celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death.[1] When Lent is to continue until Holy Saturday, this leaves exactly forty days of fasting……

And there was more!  So, since I am not Catholic and no one really agrees on the length, I’m going to call it until Easter!  I committed to posting daily through Lent (or now I will say until Easter) and then, I will reassess the frequency at which I will post.  So, now….I guess it is Holy Week posts!

There is still so much to tell…and I KNOW I have left you hanging with Frank.  And, you already know that Louis and I got married…so there is no big surprise there.  But, there are many good pictures to share!

I will keep on going for now!

I have learned much during this Lenten Season….about me, about God and about others.  This has been a sacrifice of time.  It has taken a lot more time to write then I originally thought it would.  There have been many late nights and early mornings to complete each day.  So, sleep is lacking.  I have learned that I don’t function well without proper sleep.  Reliving some of these stories have been difficult in some ways and absolutely wonderful in others.

Difficult…because of the pain, loneliness and fear that was sometimes involved.  Growth is painful and tearful. During these times, I have learned to rely on the Lord.  I have been reminded of staying strong through regular prayer and reading of God’s Word.  I continue to learn (over and over!!!  one day i pray i will finally get it!!) that my identity comes from who I am in Jesus and not from my job, my husband, my ministry, my friends or family, my community or my church.

Joy…because God has been sooo faithful through all of it.  It’s been awesome to really see just how much God has been moving and working in my life.  It is a pleasure to be used by the Lord in so many ways.

God isn’t done with me yet this season…so I will continue to write daily through the end of the week until Resurrection Day!  When I pray that I, too, will be more FREE and ALIVE.

3 Comments on “The End of Lent? To post DAILY or not to post?”

  1. Mom Michalec says:

    Martha, I will miss the daily blogs, even tho’ I know most of the story. I have learned a lot about you, even tho’ I gave birth to you ?? years ago.

    I believe God has used and is using this to encourage others–to help make them aware that God can use them/us wherever we are, if we are open to Him. With over 2200 hits at this point, someone is receiving something.

    Thank you for sharing. I’m sure it has been difficult at times to go back and go through the things that has happened in your 5-6 years in SBH. But you have seen God at work in the lives of people around you.

    Thank God for bringing Louis into your life to stand beside you and work with you as you both work for The Lord where He has planted you.

    Love you both.

  2. Yes, Mom….you are the only one I allow to still call me Martha because….you can say it….You gave birth to me nearly 47 years ago….but, I stopped counting at 29! 🙂 Love you, too, Mama! XOXO

  3. Louis Willams says:

    Keep writing and get more sleep. ILU2B!