Follow-up to MissionSHIFT – Pt 1 ~ What WAS I thinkin’?

So…this is a follow-up from my post yesterday, MissionSHIFT – Pt 1 ~ What WAS I thinkin’?

In yesterday’s post, I was not apologizing for being simple-minded and intimidated, but I was just being real.  Ya’ know…there is something to be said for both…keepin’ it real and keepin’ it simple.  Most people can spot ‘fake’ a mile away, so I do my best to be real and sincere.  Some people pontificate (how’s THAT for a big word?!?!?) on their thoughts and beliefs; and I have been known to do that a bit!  But, I have also been told that my communication is often brief and simple.  Regardless, I was honored that my words were selected to be used in Ed’s follow-up blog post.  Too bad they weren’t all my words!  LOL  But, I am grateful for my dear friend and mentor, Don Coleman, who keeps it real, and simple, with me.

But, I would much rather hear your thoughts on the idea of Mission, especially after reading Ed’s thoughts on the results from yesterday’s discussion.