Thankfulness!!!…and HELP!!!!!!!

In  3 Boats Sited in Southern Barton Heights, I told you the story of how the Fletcher’s and the Garza’s came through with the laptop!  I am PLEASED to say that Mario delivered it today!!!

Here it is!!!

I am just FILLED with thankfulness and gratitude to both families for helping us out!   Everett aka “the Gardna” was the first to use it!  He loves for me to find his favorite old school R&B songs for him to listen to.  Now…he is learning to do it himself.  He calls it “you-tubin'”. His first search?  Average White Band – Cloudy!  He played it over and over!  It brought joy to both of us! So now…we are in search for a set of speakers so he can hear it better!  I wish I had gotten a picture of him, but I was working!

Thankfulness!So, this is where I need some help from some teachers and parents!  What are some good sites the kids can visit to LEARN something this summer?  Ages are mostly elementary and middle school age.  Some are high school.  How can computer use be used as a reward?  What are some good “rules” to put into place (other than the obvious…no downloading, no porn, etc)? We have A LOT of kids from many families who hang here…so think about the impact of that with any advice given.  They will learn to share…if nothing else!!!

In addition…watch for a future blog where m2k’s are the authors and photographers! Just have to think of a name!  That just might have to be a contest for the kids!  Name the blog…get the first post!  hmmmm….i think that I might be on to something!!!


As many of you know, Louis has been out of town this week taking care of Mama (his mom).  Mama had knee replacement on Monday and is recovering really well!  Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!  Thankfully Louis is coming home Friday night!  We got married just a short 18 months ago…and this is the longest we have been apart!  I miss him and will be thrilled when he comes home!!!

It’s been interesting here in SBH while he has been gone.  Back before Louis was in the picture, I was “taken care of” by the community.  “Miss Marti” was accepted and cared for and looked after.  Then…Louis came into the picture.  Things shifted.  It took us a while to see that it happen.  It didn’t feel the same.  I was told by others that it was out of respect for Louis, as the “man of the house” that things changed.  It wasn’t Louis per se, but it would have been the same if it was some other guy.  But, it still felt really weird.  I missed the ole days!

Well, this week…that was confirmed as the guys came back to the rescue!  CW walked with me and Wesley on our evening walk.  Ron texted me “and you never have to ask me to keep an eye on you,…Been doing that since you moved in.” after I asked him to keep an eye on me late one night when I walked Welsey on a short walk to the “pooping field”. Everett continued to come by to empty the trash, check on me and will be cutting the grass tomorrow! Another offered to take my recycling bin to the curb.  Mike tracked me down to let me know that a headlight was out.  Charles changed the headlight for me.


I am soooo blessed to have friends in the community!  Not just because they helped me out, but because they care.  Some would look down on many of these guys as some hang out on the corner in their white t-shirts and jeans. Or maybe others would look at them as hopeless. Or label them as deadbeat dads.  Or drug dealers. Or no-good thugs.  Or addicts.  Maybe they are.  I don’t know.  What I do know…is they are my friends and DO have a heart.  They are made in God’s image.  My friends have potential.  They showed care…dare I say love…for me.  It reminds me they are NOT beyond hope!  It reminds me that NO ONE is beyond the reach of the Lord.  My friends are not so far gone, so hardened, so hopeless, so angry, so disappointed, so rejected and dejected, so strung out, so whatever…

Romans 3:22-24 (New International Version)

22 This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

Lord….Thank you for your grace!  Thank you for the cross!  Thank you for reminding me that I too fall short of Your glory and forgive me for judging and giving up hope.  May my heart break for what breaks Yours.  Show me how to love my friends and my community like You love it.  In Jesus’ Name.

3 Boats Sited in Southern Barton Heights

Ok.  After reading the last post “it’s a dangerous thing to let Jesus use your boat.” Bob Lupton, you may be wondering…what is my boat?  I don’t have a boat.  YES, you do!!!

Let me share with you a story that happened just this week that demonstrates Jesus using boats right before our eyes!  We have been praying for a computer that the kids and community could use.  Miss Marti’s Kids don’t always have access to a computer/internet to use for school projects, homework and research.  In addition, there isn’t readily available access to computer/internet to look for and apply for jobs.


This week, Michael Fletcher and his family used their “boat” called resources and willingly donated their family’s used Dell Laptop (following an upgrade to a new computer) to Miss Marti’s House!!!  I was THRILLED!  But, it came with a slight problem.  It wouldn’t charge.  Thanks be to God! And thanks to the Fletchers for being willing to let Jesus use their boat called Resources!


Well, those of you who know me…know that I am NOT very tech savvy.  I know how to use a computer just fine, but don’t ask me HOW or WHAT makes it work!  That…I have no clue.  Enter…Mario Garza, a new member to our Missional Community.  Mario and his brother Fernando took the computer home to see if they could diagnose the problem.  Mario contacted me today and let me know the solution was simple.  It needed a new power cord.  So, one has been ordered and upon arrival, Mario will not only ensure it is up and running, but is also going to scrub it and download fresh anti-virus protection (which will be MUCH needed!!!) and Windows XP, etc.  Thanks be to God and the Garzo’s for allowing Jesus to use their boats called Knowledge and Time!


So I ask again…What’s your boat called?  ALL of us have something to offer.  Are you using yours to bring glory to God?  Are you fishing for men?  To carry this analogy possibly too far…when we let Jesus use our boats…our nets are HEAVY with fish.  When we try to do it on our own…we bring in empty nets.  When we aren’t doing a thing…the boat’s just rottin’ at the dock and needs a little work.

If you don’t know what your “boat” is, I pray the Holy Spirit will be your lighthouse and guide you through the fog to safe landing at the feet of Jesus.  We often look for the “big mission” or “God’s will” for our lives.  Well, what about God’s will for today or this minute…this hour? God has a will for every moment of our life.  Are you in God’s will right now as you read this?  I dare say yes.  You were meant to read this at this very moment.  As we pray like Jesus taught us….Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  So, what will you do now?  Will you let Jesus use your boat to do His will on Earth?

What is your boat called?