Northside Gathering

October Meeting of the Northside (Sinners and) Saints This Sunday!!!

Monthly Gathering

of the


(Sinners and) Saints


October 17, 2010


All Christ-following Northside residents and those who love or serve the Northside are invited to attend.

All Souls Presbyterian Church

19 Overbrook Road   (enter on the Miller Avenue side entrance)
Richmond, VA 23222

Purpose of the Gathering

1 – Fellowship – get to know one another
2 – Learn – to hear what Jesus is doing in our community
3 – Share – to encourage one another
4 – Pray – to lift up community needs and to glorify and worship the Lord.

Future Dates (3-4:30pm)

2010                                                      2011

Sunday, November 14                           Sunday, January 9

Sunday, December 5                             Sunday, February 6

For More Information

Please contact Marti Williams

Northside (Sinners and) Saints Gathering

Today, we had our first gathering of Christ-followers in the Northside, and we look forward to meeting again!  It was a blessed afternoon in the presence of the Lord.  Thanks to All Souls Presbyterian for hosting us. And..thanks to everyone who attended and helped out!  For more info on our gathering, read Gathering of Northside Saints.

There was a diverse group of 30 people present…from 16 different churches, with no more than 2-3 families/individuals from any one church. People responded to email invitations, phone calls, invitations mailed to the local churches, from the blog post and from Facebook.  Most live in the community, although several attend church or serve the community through ministries.

Many of us didn’t know each other.  After a short welcome and opening prayer, we spent some time getting to know one another through a normal icebreaker.

  • Find 3 people who you haven’t met before and get their name, neighborhood and why they came.
  • Find 3 people to finish these 2 sentences…”Our God can….” and “Our community can….”
  • Find 3 people to learn 2 things you have in common.  Needless to say….it got kinda noisy and energetic….but it was FUN!!!

Then, we broke up into small groups of 6 people and discussed the following questions.

  • What has God been doing in Northside? How have you seen God at work in Northside?
  • How has the Lord been at work on your street?
  • What has God been saying to you? What has scriptures been speaking to you?
  • What should we be praying/interceding for?

Lastly, we spent time in prayer for the local church, the community, new ministries, etc. A lot of good stuff came out of our time together; and we hope to do this more often – on a monthly basis.  Please join us in praying for the Northside of Richmond!

Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done.                             On Earth as it is in Heaven.

To God be the Glory!

(The rest of the summary and future gathering dates will be forthcoming. If you are interested in being a part of future gatherings, be sure to let me know.)