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The Jerusalem Mile

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Part 2 of our retreat…following The Call to Action.

Based on the pamphlet provided by the Richmond Hill Community, “The Jerusalem Mile was the name given to some labyrinths used for mediation and built in the Middle Ages.  The concept was the pilgrims who could not make the journey to Jerusalem during their lifetime could pray and reach Jerusalem in the spirit by walking this labyrinthine path.”

“Richmond Hill’s installation of a copy of the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, itself a center for pilgrimages, is called the Jerusalem Mile in honor of this tradition.  This example of the widest accepted prayer labyrinth in the Church has eleven circuits, which are spread through four quadrants, and is symbolic of Christ’s cross.  Grace is symbolized by the never-ending path to the center and back, allowing the pilgrim to walk the path at his or her own pace and to stop for prayer and meditation as needed.”

While walking The Jerusalem Mile on our retreat, I heard from the Lord…confirming a message that I had received from a friend following the Maundy Thursday service the night before.  She had told me to “enjoy the journey”.  The Lord confirmed that the next day…while walking the path.  I found myself weaving my way through the labyrinth…not knowing where exactly I was heading, when or how I was going to get there.  The path twisted and turned.

I found myself singing an old school hymn as I walked, meditated and prayed.

Thank you, Lord for saving my soul.
Thank you, Lord for making me whole.
Thank you, Lord for giving to me….
Thy great salvation so rich and free!

It was like the Lord guided me…telling me when to turn and which way to turn. He spoke to me that day that He will guide us in our decisions…telling us when to go and when to stop, when to turn right and when to go left.  Until…we reach the center…the sweet spot…the destination…the center of God’s Will.

So…add this to the theme of The Call to Action I wrote about yesterday…and I was asking myself…what do you get?…what does this all mean?

I am thankful for a clarifying conversation we had with Ben Campbell, from Richmond Hill.  Action doesn’t necessarily mean that we will know what the center holds….or when we will arrive there…or how we will get there.  But, action DOES mean, to move…even if it is one small step at a time….in faith at the urging and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

So, Louis and I didn’t get answers to all the questions we came with.  But, this was the only answer we truly needed at this time.  Following our morning together and our time with Ben at lunch, we spent a little time in silence, read a chapter of Crazy Love – Profile of the Obsessed – which again confirmed all that we had heard from the Lord.  We then made a list of specific questions we need answers to.  Answers that will come in time as we pray and spend time with Him on future retreats.

  1. Since Louis went part-time last week, should he get another job immediately?  Or does God have other plans for him?
  2. When should Louis act on a message that the Lord gave him years ago?  Is it now?
  3. Our Missional Community…what should we be doing now?  What should we be studying and how should we be serving?
  4. Since my job comes to an end sometime this year, what is next for me?  What, if anything specific, should I be doing to prepare?
  5. Is there a local church in SBH that we could serve with?  What are our roles in facilitating cooperation between the local churches to serve SBH?
  6. As we prepare to attend Exponential Conference in 2 weeks, what does He want us to hear?  Who does he want us to meet?  Why are we going to be there?
  7. While we vacation following the conference, is there anything we should specifically plan for?  How should we specifically seek God during this down time?
  8. What is our next step as a couple? as individuals?
  9. What should our daily Bible reading and study be focused on as a couple and individually?
  10. Who should we intentionally seek to be in relationship with?
  11. How should we be spending our time?  What should we Start, Stop, Continue?
  12. How often should we intentionally retreat?  When is our next one?  (By the way, we scheduled it for May 3rd.)

Enjoying the journey




call to ACTION

in our wonderful City…

Richmond, Virginia