What I Learned on the “First Day of School” Morning

Nuggets, learnings, questions from the first day of school morning…

As I posted yesterday in Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round, it is my attempt to “love my neighbor” by greeting them at the bus stop on the first day of school.

Wow! What a morning!  Here we go…

#1 – As ridiculous as it may sound, I used the car in order to make it to as many as possible.  With this kind of schedule….I couldn’t see another way.

John Marshall  

6:44                North and Poe             29


7:32                Poe and Lamb               4

7:33                North and Poe               4

7:34                North and Roberts        9


7:35                Poe and Lamb              15

7:40                Dove and Barton          23

Total – 84

#2 – Why does the bus stop every 1-2 blocks for Henderson?  Really?  7:32, 7:33, and 7:34?  It takes more than a minute to safely stop the bus, load the kids, and drive the block to the next stop. Does it have to do with where the kids live and how far they have to walk?

#3 – It’s soooo NOT cool to greet the High Schoolers at the bus stop in the morning. Yet, they should at least appreciate the fact that I got my butt up this early to do so!  🙂  My compromise…I went straight to their house…and promised to NOT post pictures. Last first day of High School for one. And first day of High School for the other. You know who you are….and I love you.

#4 – It’s interesting how small groups form at the bus stop. At the intersection of North and Poe – Poe T’s into North. There were small groups on all 3 corners, even on the wrong side of the street. Wonder if there is a reason for that. The ‘arranger’, ‘efficiency nut’ and ‘connector’ in me wanted to get them all organized and talking to one another. (I know…I’m a freak!)

#5 – There are a lot of great and loving moms and dads out there who ensure their children get to the bus stop safe and sound!

#6 – Elementary Bus Stop – I found myself saying, “Scissors are NOT a toy! Please put those in your backpack.”

#7 – Some kids missed the bus on their first day of school.  I pray that this is not a foreshadow of what is to come.

#8 – Kids really want to learn!

#9 – It was hard to get up this early (insert whine here!), and I didn’t have to pack lunches, wake kids, make sure they ate breakfast, brush their teeth, grabbed their book bag and their lunch, dressed appropriately and more! I just rolled outta bed and into whatever clothes I took off yesterday. (Real Truth!)

#10 – I need to pray more for the children and their parents, the teachers, school staff, bus drivers, homeschool parents, and all who work with these young, bright, eager people.

Let’s see how it goes this afternoon when I’m back out there! Say a prayer for me, will ya’?

Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round


Tomorrow all over the metro RVA area,  we will see the yellow school buses transporting our future doctors, plumbers, lawyers, bankers, mechanics, secretaries, pastors, recruiters, store clerks, teachers, school board members, mayors and city councilpersons, social workers, construction workers, etc. back to school. Let’s keep them in our prayers…and all that will be involved in their education!

Some kids will be going to school for the first time. The rising 6th graders and freshman will no longer be the BMOC, but will be back on the ‘bottom’ at their new schools. Others have moved and will be going somewhere completely new…maybe even across town where they don’t know anyone…or may not know English. Those who didn’t successfully pass last year, but have a new chance at making it through successfully. Some will be donning their new “Back To School” clothes, while others are wearing something from last year or a hand-me-down. The backpacks will weigh heavily full of all their new school supplies, although some will be without. The bullied may be fearful.  The bully is puffing up.  The teachers, bus drivers, administrative staff, janitors, and cafeteria staff have all prepared for this day. And we are so grateful for them!

It’s a day with many mixed emotions after a fun-filled summer. So, tomorrow… I plan to get up SUPER early and walk to my neighborhood bus stops to wish the youth well on their first day. I will pray with them and encourage the parents that are waiting with their children.  I also plan to meet the bus tomorrow afternoon to celebrate the first day of school with snacks and goodies.  I can’t say that I will do that every day, but I hope to do it more often than I have in the past.

It’s a simple way to get to know and love my neighbors and to encourage our future generations.

Anyone willing to do the same in YOUR neighborhood???  

I would LOVE to hear about how it goes and learn from you!

Important Note: Please be sure to drive carefully as you go to work, the gym, etc. tomorrow morning…and every morning. Watch for those kiddos as they wait for the bus!  And remember to leave some extra time in your commute!