Neighbor 1: Hurting

One thing I have learned recently is that most of my posts have been WAY too long, and I am going to work on that.  So, keep me honest…and help me keep these short.

This is the first post in a series that I wrote about called who’s ur neighbor?.  I am reading  who is my neighbor?  by Wayne Gordon and exploring just one chapter a day. In addition, I hope to post on each chapter each day…starting today…no promises, though.

Chapter 1 answers the question with…’My Neighbor is Hurting’.  Hurting is defined by physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. I could offer up many examples of hurting. I see it lots and am sure that you do to.

The Father-Wound is one that comes to mind today.  Saturday, Louis attended a gathering of men who were discussing the Father-Wound, what that looks like and how to be healed of it.  We hear of fatherless children, abused children, but many also have fathers who are physically present, but are emotionally detached, others who are deceased.  All of which creates a deep wound in the hearts of boys and girls~and then you grow up with that hurt still present.  In the spirit of keeping this short – to learn more, check out Fathered by God by John Eldredge and Healing the Father-Wound by Bishop Steven W Banks. People experiencing Father-Wounds is just one example of hurting people.

So, I challenge us today…look for people who are hurting, and see if there is a way to help your neighbor by easing their pain.  What does that look like?  It looks like sacrificing time to…

  • be a father-figure for a kid, young adult, or even a mature man who needs a father.
  • visit, call, write, etc. when the person or a loved one is sick or dying.
  • be present…sometimes without saying a word.
  • listen
  • hug them or hold their hand
  • cry with them
  • kiss a skinned knee
  • babysit…for no charge!
  • if you worship at Commonwealth Chapel, note who lights a candle, and pray for them throughout the day/week. (or however your church takes requests)
  • what else?
Gordon writes on page 19…
We can’t love our neighbors until we recognize them. So look around you.  Be sensitive to those who are suffering — who are hurting — sometimes in silence.  They will not be hard to find.  And remember, that hurting person is your neighbor.  Like the Good Samaritan, we have the option to walk away and the opportunity to love.
What will you and I choose (and I do mean choose…because we have a choice!) to do today…and every day? to walk away? or to love?  Let me hear how this works out for ya’…
Lord, you are “Jehovah-Rapha’ – God the Healer.  We worship and adore you. You don’t need us to be your hands and feet here on earth Lord, but you choose to use us. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and others. Humbly, I come before you to ask you to give us eyes to see those who are hurting.  Teach us how we can help ease their pain.  Show us how to be good neighbors.  Give us the courage to act on what you tell us to do. For those of us who are hurting, Lord, bring a loving neighbor our way, one who will bring light into our darkness.  May your name, Jesus, your name alone, be glorified. Thank you, Lord.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.