Naps? Why, yes! Thank you!

Marti and Louis Napping

YES!  Honestly this is one of the best feelings…BEST EVER…. napping in the arms of the one who loves you… the one you love…. the one you fight with… the one you make up with… the one that you say “I Do” to… for better or worse…  in sickness and in health… in rich and in poor… in JOY and sorrow… to love and cherish…  in the good, the bad, the ugly…  awake and asleep. 🙂

Grateful for my friend, Nicole, who caught this shot on Sunday after worshiping, eating, walking in the woods, and zip lining with friends. Nothing like a Cowboys/Redskins game to put you right to sleep. Sigh. zzzzZZZZZZ

Happy Birthday, today, to the Other Half of My Pair.  To many more years of napping together! Love you, babe!