Real. Talk. Goodness.

I have been reviewing the last 3 days of my life, and I am so blessed to have had some of the most encouraging, loving, ridiculously unbelievable conversations with some of the best, most sage, crazy-good people.

I am grateful for friends who encourage me. love me. correct me. listen to me. pray with and for me. make me giggle and LOL. You know who you are…

Monday – wow. Lunch convo was insane! So good. So encouraging. So fun.  Dinner that was at the appointed and anointed time with long time friends. Couldn’t have planned it if I tried.

Tuesday – conversations over a bagel, lunch with a dear friend, and a 4+ hour dinner with an amazing woman ‘in the bubble’….throw in a quick phone call request for prayer.  What a great day! Even though one of them made me cry…because she knows me well…and called me out in love.

Wednesday – breakfast filled with encouragement and lunch filled with…gosh….I don’t even know what to call it.  I mean seriously.

And then…there were just solid reminders in the form of texts, emails, phone calls and visits that I in no way planned….that reminded me of God’s goodness, His faithfulness, His tender loving care for me.

Prayers are being answered. Goodness all around. It’s amazing what is happening when you stop and make yourself consciously aware of what God is doing in and among you and yours. I am waking up expecting God to show up…and don’t you know it…HE DOES!  And…He’s been there all along…I just don’t always pay attention. He’s really got my attention. He’s with me every stinkin’ moment of every stinkin’ day. Always has been. I just have make myself consciously aware of what He’s doing….how He’s working.

And all you people…you know who you are…and I am abundantly grateful for you! There’s nothing better than friendships based in genuine and authentic love for one another. I wouldn’t trade my relationship with you for the world. Honest.

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    Happy to hear. Interested in more details.

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