Just Say ‘YES’

How much margin do you leave in your life for God-size surprises and blessings? Sometimes we find ourselves running so fast from one thing to another, or planning just how things are going to go that we leave little to no room for God’s unexpected treats and encounters. Last night, I was tempted to let that happen. Again. I am soooo grateful that I didn’t try to orchestrate it too much.

After several days of scheduling, we were finally getting together with a couple who were married just 2 months ago.  Mentally, I had it all planned out.  They were bringing dinner with them, so it was going to be a super night of NOT cooking, a simple night of just throwing dishes in the dishwasher and a quiet dinner and sweet fellowship including catching and listening to the update on the adjustments of married life, the honeymoon, and life in general.

Change #1 and #2 – Our housemate was home, because his intended was traveling this weekend; and then another friend showed up moments before our friends were scheduled to be here. Immediately I started to think… how’s this going to work? Should we invite them to join us?  They…and Louis….were enjoying the football game when the newlyweds walked in.  Of course, the groom joined right into the game and the bride and I found ourselves on the front porch while dinner (their incredible enchiladas!) cooked in the oven.

Change #3 – David and 3 other neighborhood kids happened by and asked if we had an air pump for their bike tires.  I was so enjoying our quiet time on the porch and was so torn.  I was tempted to lie or make up some excuse, but was quickly convicted and confirmed that we did have one. We found ourselves in the front yard attempting to help these kids work on their bikes. Funny thing is…we didn’t do a thing but push the button on the air compressor while they did the dirty work.


Change #4 – The guys willingly left the TV game and came out to take a look at the bikes, to no avail. We need new chains, a new tire and a seat. We need a bike repair clinic if anyone is willing!!!  When things were wrapping up, the bride asked the kids if they had eaten dinner yet, to which they answered no. Again, I found myself tempted to make them a sandwich and send them on their way, when I remembered we didn’t have any bread in the house and again I was convicted, and said… “come on in!”

Change #5 – Terence had been over earlier in the day and came back to finish what he had started making in the kitchen.  Our quiet, intimate dinner for 4 turned into a dinner for 6, and then dinner for 10 and ended with a loud dinner for 11. For those who have eaten at our table, you understand how how table is really meant to be full…and overflowing.


I love how God works and arranges everything.  We had more than enough enchiladas to go around. I threw together another salad to go with one the newlyweds brought. Plenty of brownies to be devoured by all. Just like other nights similar to this one, it was like the fishes and the loaves. Voila! Miracle in the making. No one went hungry. Today…as I reflect on the beauty of last night.  At any point, I could have said no, but I started thinking about everything I would have missed if I had. To name a few…

  1. a night full of laughter and silliness,
  2. 3 new young friends,
  3. a full table and a full heart,
  4. the chance to see God multiply the food before our eyes…again,
  5. the joy of connecting my friends together (for those of you who really know me…you know how much I love to connect people!),
  6. an opportunity to talk to the kids about CHAT and East End Fellowship, since 2 of the kids live in Church Hill and
  7. selfishly, a chance to plug all the wonderful reasons the newlyweds should move into SBH. 🙂

So, here’s a question for you…

When was the last time you slowed down and allowed your plans to be changed and were incredibly blessed in the process?

Enjoy more pictures…

4 Comments on “Just Say ‘YES’”

  1. vcfrich says:

    That’s beautifully said Marti!

  2. Mom says:

    Lots of good thoughts!