Happy 8 Year Anniversary to Me and SBH!

8 years and 3 days ago, I made one of the biggest commitments in my life. I bought a house in Southern Barton Heights. 8 years ago, TODAY, I met the neighborhood kids. My life has never been the same! So…tonight, we spontaneously decided to celebrate. No pictures of the evening. Just use your imagination… 

Dinner around the table with Louis, Deshawn, Larry and Bishop – after the boys helped Louis grill. Bishop was there that first day…about to go into the 1st grade.  This year…he’s off to Open High! Terence calls in the middle of dinner needing a lift after football practice, where he is going into his senior year at John Marshall. WOW! By the time I got back, dinner table was just about cleared! Anthony is off at ODU.  Lil Mike, Rob, Dude, ManMan, Tyree…they are still around doing different things. 

Time out for Louis to rest his knees as he slowly reduces his painkillers, while the kids play Just Dance on the Wii. Now, it’s time for marshmallows at the fire pit, where we will continue our evening full of laughter and great conversation – including testimonies from Camp Hope last week, favorite memories from the last 8 years, how they want to start up Kids Missional Community again, school, music, and all kinds of other things! The best yet was all the laughs that came from looking at the wedding pictures from nearly 5 years ago. They grow up so fast!

Life is good. Life goes fast. Goin’ to bed with a smile.

OK…just for the fun of it…here’s a picture of Miss Marti’s Kids from the wedding. I love these guys! A.Lot. 


ml1208 145

ml1208 147

ml1208 149

What’s your favorite

Miss Marti’s House memory?