Wrestle Well

It’s a funny thing. Not funny – ha ha. But, funny in a head-tilting kind of way. Some people like to make others think that everything is always ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’.  Facebook is full of people painting pictures of their rewarding lives filled with awesome food, pictures of themselves in a mirror, caring and supporting husbands, the best children who get the gold star at school, the touchdown or home run, the best coloring award,etc., and all those relaxing, fun-filled vacations (which you will soon see from our upcoming trip to Florida!!!).  I’ve even had FB friends delete comments that were challenging or went against this picture they were trying to paint for everyone at a distance.

When someone shares something somewhat challenging and real (in light of the fact that we live in a confusing, dark, sinful, sometimes frightening world) , many FB friends don’t know what to do with it.  Yes…I know…my hope comes in the fact that I know and experience the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ every day.  But, sometimes… I just don’t get it. When life slings things my way – disrespect, unpleasant surprises, gossip and slander, disregard, confusion, etc. what I don’t need or want are platitudes, Joel Osteen quotes or other pithy comments. I need a trusting, loving ear who will allow me the chance to wrestle with God over the injustices, the pain, the unfairness, the attack… until I can release it back to Him or until He blesses me.  It makes me think of Jacob in Genesis 32….wrestling with God until he was blessed.  Sometimes, I need to wrestle with God until he blesses me with understanding and peace.

Donald Miller wrote this post regarding his real life friendship with Brennan Manning. “Reflections on Brennan Manning’s Wrestling Match With God”  where he writes of Manning’s death…

Brennan Manning, called back. Done wrestling. Knows it’s true. Can’t write about it now. May we wrestle half as well.

Can we give each other permission to have a bad day? to feel raw unfiltered emotions? to wrestle with God? to doubt and to wonder? to find our way? to keep it real? I’m hungry for real.

“May we wrestle half as well.” – Donald Miller