A Different Kind of Easter

Short Update:  

Well, for the 2nd year in a row, Louis isn’t behind the pulpit of a church on Easter Sunday.  And for the 2nd year in a row, we won’t be doing church like most Christians. Last year, we held a pancake brunch at the house for folks who aren’t usually in a church.  You can read about our 2012 Easter (with pictures!!!) here > Easter – Acts 2 Style.

This year, we were prayerfully searching for a place to “Do the Bible” and “Be the Church” this Easter Weekend.  Today, we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt for our community. (See here > Candy, Bunny and Eggs…Oh My!)  Tomorrow morning…Easter Morning, Louis and I will NOT be sporting our Sunday Best.  But, we will be giving our best while on God’s mission with some of RVA’s ‘Urban Campers’ (our friend Nelson’s new name for the Homeless)!

Thanks for the connection to Alpha and Omega, Nelson!  Can’t wait to meet and serve Pastor Carolyn and some of your friends!

My Prayer for This Easter

Lord, while we remember and rejoice and while we renew our faith and hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ – the ultimate reconciler, I pray that Louis and I will be reconciled to our new friends….these Urban Campers. I confess and repent that I have not always known how to love them.  Teach me how to love.  Show me.  Change the way I  see those who camp in our cities.  May I love as You love.  May I see as You see. Lord, I long to see Your miraculous healing and changes in our beloved city.  Begin in me.  Renew my Spirit, so that I may serve others in grace and mercy.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.