Over the years, I have become quite dependent on prayer.  As a child, prayer meant grace before we ate dinner or nightly prayers before going to bed.  Now, prayer takes on many forms.  Yes…still grace before meals, but it’s also time of adoration, praise and worship, intercession, weeping, petition, love, and/or contrition ~ just to name a few.  More often than not, I find myself with my list…checking it off…with a bunch of my needs, wants, and desires, leaving little time for love, praise and adoration.  And virtually no time for meditation, reflection and listening to what God has to say to me.  I want and need to get better at that.

Adrianne Shires, Prayer Bead Extraordinaire

I like learning new ways to pray and using new tools, like prayer journals and my alarm on my phone to assist me.  So, meet my sweet and talented friend, Adrianne Shires.  She shared her Anglican Rosary aka Christian Prayer Beads on Facebook.  She makes them all by hand…and prays through each one of them to make sure it ‘feels right’ in your hand.  Well…she came to visit me on Saturday and brought a selection of her lovely Anglican Rosaries with her.  I had a hard time selecting just one!
So….here was the final decision…isn’t it beautiful?!?!?!?

So, I found myself asking…what does one do? how does one pray with Christian Prayer Beads?  Adrianne provides instructions and a sample prayer, too!  She takes care of it all!  I will start off with the prayer I chose from her selections, but will eventually write my own.  Looking forward to giving it a try…and developing a new prayer discipline.  Thanks, Adrianne, for sharing your wonderful God-given talents with the rest of us.

If you want to check Adrianne’s Anglican Rosaries out or order your own creation…check out her Etsy shop: Down2EarthDezign’s.  

Julian of Norwich Prayer

Praying with the Beads

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  1. Imani AbdulSalaam says:

    That is so interesting Marti,because we have what is called dhihar beads,and they are used just to glorify Allah(God).We moved the beads through our hand touching each bead as we Glorify our Lord.32x we say Subhanallah,which means ( Glory to Allah(God ) ,32x Ahumdulillah(All Praise is Due to Allah (God) and 33x Allah U Akbar (God is the Greatest).Isn’t it amazing how we may worship differently,call God by different names,pray differently,but yet we are all striving to please our Lord,to make it to Jannah(Paradise).I love reading your post.Thank You.