immersion…aka “a dunking”

As you know, Louis and I attended the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) Institute’s Certification Training called Immersion, but some fondly referred to it as a “dunking” instead of an immersion.  We received so much great information in a week’s time.  In addition, we met a lot of great people from across the United States.  We had A LOT of reading to do for the class, but I only have 2 books left to read…and I brought a couple more home with me, too!  If you are interested in the list of books, check out my post 1276/27=47.259259.

Some of you have asked…What is CCDA and what is immersion?  Thot I would just share a little about it.  Taken from their website….

CCDA’s Mission


The mission of CCDA is to inspire, train, and connect Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities.


Wholistically restored communities with Christians fully engaged in the process of transformation.

Statement of Faith

The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s son, redeems us through His death and resurrection and empowers us by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is God’s Word and through it we are called to live out justice, reconciliation, and redemption. The church nurtures God’s people gathered in a community to carry out God’s Word.


  • To strengthen existing Christian Community Development organizations.
  • To encourage new Christian Community Development efforts.
  • To promote Christian Community Development through regional training.
  • To educate and mobilize the body of Christ at large to become involved in Christian Community Development in their area.
  • To sustain, enable and inspire those

CCDA’s History

CCDA is so rich in history.  Founded by John Perkins and other like-minded leaders  in 1989, CCDA began with one purpose in mind…

expressing the love of Christ in America’s poor communities, not at arms length, but at the grassroots level.

CCDA’s Philosophy

CCDA’s philosophy is based on what are called the…

The Eight Components of Christian Community Development  Revised 11/07/2011.  CCDA has recently updated their website, and these links may not work.  You can learn more about the components at this link> CCDA Philosophy.

Click on the links above to read more, but I will take time to write on each of the Eight Components…some of what I learned and how I think we can apply this within our communities in our city.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you read, from CCDA’s website and from my posts.  Louis and I have begun talking to CCDA about bringing the training here for weekend sessions…starting in the fall.  This is still in the development stages, but I would love to know if you or your church would be interested in participating in this training.  Initial thoughts would be to bring the “Three R’s” (Relocation, Reconciliation, and Redistribution) first.  Let me hear from you!

Our lives have been changed…and yours will, too.