on a blogging break…

I’ve been breaking from the blogging thing since October. Been too busy doin’ it to write about it…and frankly, just appreciating the lack of blogging downtime!

Louis and I have the tree and other decorations up (still need to lose the geraniums on the front porch tho!!!). Our travel will soon be over (1 more trilp to StL for me this week!). My job soon comes to an end after nearly 8 years (18 working days and counting). Now, we are going to take more time to love on our family and friends, spend more time with the Lord in prayer and in the Word, and look toward the future with much anticipation.

In the meantime, answer me this…What are YOU up to these days???

Also…enjoy the new WordPress effect…”Snow Falling” at Miss Marti’s House!

One Comment on “on a blogging break…”

  1. patricia s. o'hara says:

    marti: blessings to you and yours….hope to see you all next march 17th….if you come south in the winter time….call! xxxxoooo pat and pete