One Comment on “IMG_6697”

  1. Imani Abdul-Salaam says:

    I don’t care what channel you go through to get to Allah or the name you choose to call him,as long as it is to him you are giving the praise,gl0ry and honor and that you not associate any partner in his worship for he has none and there is none like unto him.This picnic was really what our community needed,it was absolutely incrediable,as a Muslim and black woman I was truly overwelmed with so many emotions to see so many people of different beliefs,different races and different ideas come together the way we did.I tell you people it was just a blessing and a mercy.I look forward to attending more outings of this nature in the upcoming future.May God bless Marti and all those like her who plant positive seeds of joy,love and peace amoungst us all.

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