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Larry at Work

Larry is a neighbor and a good friend of mine.  He’s going into the 3rd grade at Overby Sheppard Elementary School.  He and several other boys including his older brother have been reading the booklet – Rediscover the Barton Heights Community.  Larry is my first Guest Blogger, and this is what he has to say….

The history of barton

The first house built on barton was called Corner Minor Estate.

Corner Minor 6.24.2010 ~ taken by Larry

It is in my neighborhood. I moved here because we needed to go to a new school overby sheppard.

I have a lot of history of my neighborhood like the first church of my neighborhood.

Me and my friends have fun learning about the neighborhood and on Saturdays u-turn is teaching us how to play soccer .I do a lot so I try to do stuff every week because it is now summer so I have A lot of stuff on my plate. I am writing because I love to write story’s and I have a story book. I am going to put pictures on. And I love cup stacking

Larry's Great Smile

Larry > Cup Stacking

According to Rediscover the Barton Heights Community, “James Barton built a huge home for himself, in 1892, at the cornes of Roberts and Monterio Streets…..Sometime before 1926, the house was remodeled and converted into the Terrace Springs Sanitarium. Today, over one hundred years old, the building is still standing and is still in use.  It is now known as Terrace Hill Home for the Aged.”

Unfortunately, that was written in 1995.  At some point, it was abandoned and left empty.  We have many, many dreams for this house…that it will be used again for a community center, affordable housing, or a school.  We have God-sized dreams of restoration!!

Larry, Wesley and Corner Minor 6.24.2010

4 Comments on “My Friend, Larry – A Guest Blogger”

  1. Lis says:

    Cool story, Larry. I really love the pics. I can imagine very cool things for that big old house!

  2. Mom says:

    Hi, Larry.
    Good job in writing the article!
    Keep an interest in your neighborhood and work to make it one of the best in the Richmond area.
    You and your friends can do much by leading other young people in the right way to go.
    Marti’s Mom

  3. Karen says:

    Larry – great job! Please keep writing and sharing stories with us.

  4. Bill Boyd says:

    I sure enjoyed reading your blog. You might inspire me to try blogging for myself.
    I want to meet you next time I come down from the mountains to visit Marti and Louis.
    Corner Minor is where Louis would always take the dogs for their nightly walk, so I have seen it many times. Something worthwhile should be made of that beautiful place, now so run-down and deserted.
    I like Miss Marti’s vision of a neighborhood center there. Let’s pray for that to somehow come into being!
    -Bill (ask Everett about me; he can tell you stories.)