Louis LOVES to celebrate my birthday….more than I do actually.  I love him all the more for it.  My birthday conflicts each year with Memorial Day and/or the Greek Fest….falling either on one or the other.  But, that’s OK.  Because it extends my birthday usually for a week!  Lots of little surprises along the way.

May 31st is my birthday…and this year…also Memorial Day.  So, we had a cookout.  Louis called it my birthday cookout; and I called it a Memorial Day cookout.  We had a great time with friends and neighbors on a windy HOT HOT day!

I am soooo blessed with a wonderful, loving husband, fabulous community of family, friends and neighbors! Thanks for a GREAT evening!  Love you all!!!

One of the birthday surprises was a new camera. Still learning how to use it…but enjoy them none the less.  Maybe next year I will get photography lessons! LOL

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One Comment on “Cook.Out.”

  1. […] Nearly every year since I have moved into our house, I have had a Memorial Day Cookout. Since Louis and I met, he now loves to do it…more than I do…because my birthday falls around Memorial Day (and the Greek Fest for that matter) each year.  So, if you don’t have something going on and especially if you live in the Northside and would like to meet your neighbors in the community, stop on by.  Would love to see you.  Here’s last year’s post (Cook.Out.). […]