MGV – Barton and Roberts

So…If you didn’t read yesterday’s post (Change of Heart…Just in Time) be sure to.  Otherwise, this one MIGHT not make a whole lot of sense.

I wonder…what would have happened if we decided to go out to dinner that night…or if we hadn’t gone out on Saturday night…or if I had in fact kicked Louis to the curb before this night….if I hadn’t given him another chance like my friends were encouraging….or if we had met back in the summer of 2007 instead of the end of December. ANY number of decisions could have changed the rest of this story…in SOOO many ways.  Personally…I’m thankful they turned out the way that they did.  So, I had a change in heart…just in time…for such a time as this.  To be there…the night Frank got shot…..4 weeks after Louis and I had our first date.

Let’s pick up there.

view from the breakfast nook window (Frank was between that pothole and the gutter)

It was about 8:30p on that Sunday night, January 27, 2008.  After seeing the crime from the breakfast nook window, Louis went running out the door…stepping off the retaining wall (this was b4 the fence was built) onto the sidewalk and into the curb where the victim laid.  He stopped and just looked at him for a moment…and I wondered…what is he doing?  And mentally screamed…Give him first aid!!!  I found out later that Louis was stopping to say a quick prayer before he did another thing. (Shame on me!!!)

I ran back into the house to grab some towels sitting on the dryer and some plastic grocery bags to use as gloves.  I had been first aid trained many years ago, but have never had the use for the training (gratefully).  Neither of us are medically trained, but we did have the Holy Spirit to guide us…and that was all the wisdom we needed!  Louis took his lower body and I took the upper body.  Frank was laying on his right side with his head in my lap.  Not knowing whether a bullet had hit his spinal column or not, I braced his head in my lap.  At that time, we found 3 wounds – left shoulder, gut and left leg.  Later we learned that he was shot 9 times – left shoulder, left leg, right upper chest, right hand, and 5 times in the gut.

view from the back door/deck

As he laid there while we attended to his injuries, I encouraged him and asked him a few pertinent questions ~ name, next of kin and her number, who shot him (he didn’t know), age, etc.  Only one other person came to his assistance, held his hand for a moment, prayed and ran back in the house.  I was so thankful for my neighbor!  No one else came.

Then, Frank stopped talking to me.  As his head laid in my lap, I encouraged him, prayed and stated, Frank…I know you are scared. I know that you are hurting.  But, we are here to help; and you are going to fine.  If you can’t say another word, just call on the name of Jesus.  There is power in just His name.  At this very second, Frank reached up with his left hand and grabbed my thigh.  I knew then…that he was calling on the precious, healing name of Jesus.  Frank would indeed live.

Although we had told the kids to stay inside, I remember looking up to see Lil Mike standing on the retaining wall looking down.  What a frightening scene for a 14-year-old to see up close.  Not to mention, I found out later that he knew Frank.  I yelled for them to get inside…only for them to move to the front porch where they could still see from a distance.

The first responders (police, fire department, and ambulance) started to arrive.  It was so surreal.  Watching over Louis’ shoulder as the yellow tape was strung and people started gathering behind it.  Fire Trucks. Police Cars. Sirens. ambulance. One officer gathered information from me while I was still with Frank.  The paramedics arrived; and I was able to given them vitals:

Satan meant for him to die, but our Lord.  He has other plans for Frank!