God in Nature

I’m a little late posting today.  Louis tells me to give myself a break…that Sundays are usually not a fasting day during Lent.  (That is why Lent is only 40 days long….because it doesn’t count Sundays!!!)  I’m not legalistic about this, but I committed to posting every day during Lent…so that is what I shall do!  I’m good at starting a lot of things, but I don’t always finish or do it completely.  This is one that I want to stick to…all the way to Easter!  Let’s just say, I need a bit more discipline in my life.

In October 2007, my friend Cindy and I went on a wonderful trip to the Berkshires…mountains of western Massachusetts (almost in NY State).  It was a WONDERFUL trip that was relaxing and just totally chill.  We had no where we needed to be at any time.  We had rented a convertible, so sometimes we would just tool around the mountains of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Cindy is a great travel companion.  You know…you could just ride down the road with no need to speak…no awkward silences…but just a comfortable quiet time.  Some times we would chat..some times we would just ride.

For a couple of years prior to that, I had been on a God in Nature focus.  So, Cindy tolerated me screaming…STOP!!!!…so I could take a wonderful picture of something in God’s creation..clouds, mountains, streams, rocks, etc.  So…many of the pics that you have seen have been from that trip.  In the evening when we would get back from our adventures, I would go through the pics and my Bible picking out scriptures to go with each picture.  As you take a look, what scriptures would you put with each?

Tomorrow, I will share an important part of this story….My Calling.  But, for today, I hope you enjoy some more pictures of our trip.  Check back Monday for more of my trip to Berkshires and how God spoke to me…