New Stuff!

Hey…just want to bring your attention to a couple of changes I made on the site!

  1. Added a new page at the top “PRAY!!”  where I will list prayer requests for SBH.  Join me in praying!
  2. Added a new page at the top “PRAISE!!” where I will list praise reports!  Join me in praising God for meeting the needs for SBH.  COMING SOON!!!
  3. Added a new page at the top “OPPS” where I will list the volunteer opportunities and needs for the community.  COMING SOON!!!
  4. Added a new page at the top “Wanna Help?”  This list how you can help.  Know that any financial resources will flow through my church, Commonwealth Chapel.
  5. On the side bar, I also added a “Grounds 4 Good” section as well.  Check out the new way you can assist us by buying fair trade coffee and having delivered to your home!  Wake Up….Do Good. Be sure to select Miss Marti’s House as your Cause!

More changes to come!!!  If you have any ideas or suggestions…send them my way!

2 Comments on “New Stuff!”

  1. karen says:

    Interesting reading Marti! Love the part about praying for your other 1/2. Jokingly I tell people that I pray for the man God has for me because I know I am one tough cookie; but I see where I might have to take that thought seriously.

    • Hey! So glad you find it interesting!!! I will add you to my list of single girls praying for their other 1/2! In the meantime…enjoy the singleness! Marriage is AWESOME and Louis is FAB!!! After being single for 44 years, marriage is a huge amount of fun, but it also comes with its challenges!!! or at least it does for me, who is quite set in my ways!!! LOL Thankfully I have a 1) husband with the patience of Job and 2) a God that is full of mercy and grace!