Reflections from Tuesday’s earlier post…

Additional reflections from today’s post….

I was rereading what I wrote earlier this morning…and looking at the picture of the candles.  Note that there isn’t just one candle there.  There are like 5 of them.  1 candle brings light into darkness, but…how much more light comes from the 5?  5 times the light?

It’s important that we gather together….to bring light into darkness.  To come along side those who are following God’s will in these type situations.  I am sooo thankful to my friends and family who shined in the darkness with me during these early days….and today!

If you know someone who is taking chances, making sacrifices, etc. in the name of Jesus…remember to support them…with your PRAYERS, with your finances (if there is a need), with your presence.  It means the WORLD!!!  There were times that it got really lonely…and tiring…and scary.


it still does.

ps.  Thanks to my friend and wedding photographer, Rebekah O’Dell.  This pic was from my wedding!!!  Love you, Rebekah!!!