I’ve got a lot of catchin’ up to do!

So…it’s been a minute since I last posted.  Lame…I know!  But we have had LOTS going on!!!  VBS Arts Camp Closing Ceremonies, Aunti Patti’s visit from Oregon (including a trip to Busch Gardens), a trip to Charlotte to visit Louise (Louis’ mom) including meeting Richard (Louis’ roommate in Charlotte when they served an inner city project, Piedmont Court) and visiting some Charlotte work friends!!!, and lastly, my sister Rebecca and nephew Nat’s visit from Houston (including my First Squirrel’s game and a trip to Water Country yesterday).

Coming up this weekend, we have Everett’s Birthday Pancake Breakfast, The Walker’s visiting from Panama and Commonwealth Chapel Youth Group Service Project in SBH on Sunday evening!  Always something good going on at Miss Marti’s House!!!

So…I will be posting again soon!!!  Not to mention, I have Deshawn and Bishop’s words to post!  So…stay tuned…I’ll be back before you know it!


U-Turn + Miss Marti’s Kids + Commonwealth Chapel MCs = FUN ! ! ! ! !

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Miss Marti’s House partnered with U-Turn and Commonwealth Chapel for a new weekly outreach to the kids ages ranging from 7-12 from Gilpin Court and Southern Barton Heights. On June 26th, we had the kick-off cookout which you can read about in my 6.26 post, It was a GREAT day @ Miss Marti’s House.

Today was the first official trip…with about 15 kids from Southern Barton Heights and Gilpin Court.  Not only did they get to play soccer, but they also got to hear from the U-Turn President and a guy who used to play professional soccer!  In addition, Rikki gave a lesson from 1 Corinthians on how each part of the body plays an important role in the serving and worshiping Jesus.

Watch for testimonies coming from the kids next week!  Many of them had a busy week at VBS Arts Camp and ended the week with U-Turn!

HUGE shout out to U-Turn and Commonwealth Chapel for their support!!!!

Here are a few pics from the morning….

VBS Arts Camp @ ComChap

Larry Reads About Creation in the Bible

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The 2010 VBS Arts Camp “You’ve Got Talent!” at Commonwealth Chapel is taking place this week.  We are so excited that a group of 8 from SBH is attending!  Michelle and Keri are selflessly taking their time to drive them in the church van!!

The kids are coming home with a new interest in reading the Bible and hearing about the Lord.  This morning, Larry took the initiative to run home and grab not just 1 Bible…but 2 Bibles to take with him today.  He also wanted to read to me about the Creation.  Many questions are being asked about different Bible stories.  I could not be more thrilled.

So..now…what’s next?  We are praying about ways that we can continue to spiritually feed the kids and teach them more about the love of Jesus.

On Tuesday night, we had a special time of prayer at our regular Tuesday Night Prayer service.  During this time, the kids helped to lead worship, Brian worked sound and ComChap’s own Savannah gave us a moving devotion!  In addition, the kids took time to pray for the needs of the adults on an individual basis.  I was proud that some of Miss Marti’s Kids volunteered to pray!!  Then, we as the adults took time to pray for the children!  What a blessed night!

On a daily basis, the kids are singing and dancing, participating in dramas and puppet shows.  In addition, they are drawing, painting and having time with other arts. Please join me in praying that the words the kids sing, read, act and hear will get deep into their hearts and be life changing!

You can see the great time they are having in the pictures below….

Get Well Soon, Grandma Louise!

Louis’s mom, Louise, lives in Charlotte.  He and his sister have been taking great care of her during and following a recent knee replacement.  Some of the kids learned about it…and wanted to make her a Get Well card.  So…here they are! When Louise comes to visit, the kids like to call her “Grandma” which makes her day…and mine!  Because, we are like one big family!  Her only 2 grandsons are so grown and live on the other side of the country, which makes her miss them desperately.

Yesterday, the boys also decided that they need to have some chores around the house…so they have selected their assignments…

  • Bishop – He will feed and water the birds!
  • Larry – He’s going to water my plants in the backyard!
  • Deshawn – He will care for the plants on the front porch!

They are really great kids…and so polite and wise beyond their years.  It has not taken them long to realize that some of the nonsense that is told to them by some neighbors is just that…NONSENSE!  I’m so proud of them and thrilled they are part of my life.

Meet Bishop…the 2nd Guest Blogger

Bishop was one of the first kids I met when I moved to Southern Barton Heights nearly 5 years ago!  At 11 years old, he is the youngest of his 4 brothers who are living at home. Bishop is a rising 6th grader, who will attend Henderson Middle School in the Fall 2010.

Silliness!!! Bishop, Deshawn and Larry - The 3 Amigos

This is what he has to say….

Where I live

Where I live is not a bad place. I  myself think it is a wonderful place for all people. You see that there are kids smiling and showing the most respect to everyone. Lots of people think that where I live is a bad place. Maybe should tell the truth that are a little bad things that happen but is not very harmful.

People I know

There are many people I  know. I am only going to keep topic on my best friends . Their names are Deshawn and Larry.  I know that you already know Larry but I will tell Deshawn is a boy of many talents. He is a great racer, very smart, and is very active about things.

About me

I myself is a a boy of many talents. I am good at racing, very smart and love playing outside.I like going to the pool and my uncle house. I think that it is good to keep where you live clean, but I am not going to be the one doing it( laugh). Last I have a great thing of humor.

Deshawn, Larry and Bishop